Norman Noe Co., Inc. is dedicated to helping water tank owners save money!

The NORMAN NOE CO., INC. is a third-party water tank inspection, evaluation and consulting firm specializing in elevated and ground level, water storage tanks. We are dedicated to helping our clients save money, by eliminating unneeded water tank maintenance expense.

We know that being responsible for the well being of a water tank is a large responsibility. The scheduling of repainting and repair, lead paint removal, and dust control can waste tens of thousands of dollars if not performed at the proper time, manner and sequence. Let us help you with our 30+ years of experience in this field.

A Mid-West firm, our staff is large enough to serve you, yet small enough to provide each client with personalized service. Reference letters available upon request.

Norman Noe is a National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Level III Certified Coatings Inspector #1891 with over 30+ years of experiences in the water tank field

Thinking about having work performed on your water tank? Call us today!

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